Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Job Interview

My job interview is this afternoon at 2:00 and I have a dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned at 11:00 this morning. That's all I have planned today.

I didn't make the Ministerial Association meeting yesterday. I made the chicken casserole for Gene, Carletta's, husband, and went to see her at 3:30. Carletta is in real bad shape. I don't know whether she can make it until spring or not. She is very thin and has no appetite at all. She is living on sweets. She says food is repugnant to her. She has a metallic taste in her mouth all the time. It's pitiful.

I got home right in time to go to PINCH meeting at St. James United Methodist church. Afterward Jack and Marilyn and Howard and Judy invited me to go to dinner with them at El Publeito. The meeting was good and so was the food and fellowship.

I had left Slinky outside because it was 60 degrees. He wanted to come in though so I broke down and let him in. He slept until 4:00, when he needed to go out to pee. Then he wanted back in even though it is nice outside. I think it's the company he likes. He is lying here right now at my feet on his bed....napping. He's going to have a rude awakening if I get this job today.

More later....

Well, if I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all. The hygienist discovered my bridge was loose. I suspected it. It had been feeling like it was rocking. The dentist is in Costa Rica and won't be back until the 7th of March.

She took an x-ray of the bridge area and there is some kind of activity around the neck of the tooth. It looks like infection on the x-ray. I may lose the tooth and of course, if I lose the tooth that means I lose the three unit bridge too. I have $2,000 invested in that one tooth already. About ten years ago, the dentist I was going to then wanted to redo the bridge. It was on there with onlays and he did not like that. It had come off a couple of times and needed to have crowns holding that bridge.

Well, in tweeking the prep, he got into the nerve and had to do a root canal ($900 at that time). That root canal blew up a few months later and I had to get a Tulsa endadontist to redo it...another $1,000. Then the new bridge at that time was $900 a unit....three units. You figure it. That's a very expensive bridge. Now if I lose the tooth a new bridge would be a lot more expensive and I am going to work a part time job because I need the money to save for taxes and insurances on my house and car.

So, if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

Now that I've done my thing by feeling sorry for myself, I need to eat some lunch and get ready for my job interview. :)


marlu said...

Good luck, Margie!

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Marlu!

Betty said...

I don't understand why the healthcare law doesn't require the insurance companies to include dental and vision, instead of letting them sell separate policies for each one. Dental work and glasses are very expensive, especially if you are on a fixed income.

clairz said...

I love the last line of this post--it really sums you up, the way you deal with things and move on.

Looking forward to reading about your interview.