Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No Call Yet...Oh Yes!

Amie had told me yesterday that Senior Services wanted an interview with me but I did not hear from them yesterday. I want to try to get a hair appointment today after the beauty shop opens so I hope they will not call while I am there.

I went to Independence yesterday afternoon after I learned that the MC3 board meeting was at 4:00 yesterday instead of next Monday. They had changed it from the regular Monday during the snow days so I was confused about which Monday at 4:00 to which they had changed it.

Then last night I just relaxed and watched TV. Of course, I fell asleep on and off during that. :) I just had such a wild day.

Otherwise, I have no activities today. I stripped the bed this morning and am washing the bedding. I will do the towels next. I really need to do some cleaning too. The kitchen floor really needs a good cleaning. Slinky drools all over it constantly. Shar Peis are so messy. And then when I let him out to go poo, he digs in the dirt and eats dirt. When he comes back in, he tracks that dirt all over the kitchen floor. What a mess!

More later....

Yes!! I was on my way to have lunch with Leslie and they did call. I have an interview on Thursday at 2:00 PM. Luckily, I had my hair done this morning.

I have a Thursday morning appointment with the dental office...to get my teeth cleaned.


Balisha said...

keeping my fingers crossed, Margie.

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Balisha!

clairz said...

So, a busy Thursday coming up. They will love you, for sure!

Margie's Musings said...

We'll see! I was pretty confident I would get the job at the library two years ago. That taught me not to be overconfident.