Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday's Not The Day

Saturday was to have been the day they put my roof on over the patio if they didn't make it on Friday. Now I see they are next door doing the roof for my neighbor.

I wonder if they'll get to mine next. I get very tired of unfulfilled promises.

More later...after I learn the truth...

Sure enough...they had not even ordered the roofing. So now it will be Monday or Tuesday.

I ended up going to Bartlesville with my brother-in-law and we bought some supplies for the church at their Wal Mart Superstore.

Then we went to Garfield's and had a salad and raspberry tea. We then walked the mall and finally came on back home. It was something productive to do in this 98 degree weather.

When I got home, Slinky was badly overheated. I let him into the kitchen. He is panting something terrible. After he cools off, I will let him back out this evening.

I put his bedding back out in the shed. We have a 40% chance of rain this evening.

This evening it's been thundering. I took Slinky out to the shed and showed him where I had put his bedding. Again, he did not want to go in there. Finally, he went out in the yard and lay on the rock path. A few minutes later he moved three feet closer to the shed. A few more minutes later and he moved another three feet closer. Finally about 8:40, after the thunder increased, he finally slowly moved into the shed. He looks very woebegone lying out there on his bedding. He really wanted to come in the house but I am not up to his several trips outside in the night to use the bathroom. It's getting dark now and it's not raining yet but there's a 40% chance of rain tonight so I had to find a dry place for him to sleep. Poor guy! He's used to the chaise lounge on the covered patio.

The wind is picking up now and I imagine it will begin to rain soon. It's still thundering. I hope he can stay dry with the shed door wide open. He would never let me close that door. Even if I could, he would never want to go in there again. I don't know what his problem is with the shed since he has his familiar bedding.

Well, goodnight, Slinky.

Maybe not! We have golf ball sized hail now and Slinky has made a dash for the patio and barked to get in the kitchen. I have him in here now...soaking wet and scared. As long as I stay in here with him, he is fine. The golf ball sized hail is still coming down and probably has ruined my new roof. I'll know more in the morning. We are under tornado warnings until 2:30 Sunday morning.

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