Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Better Day

This has been a better day. I haven't been out in the heat so much. We had our morning devotion and prayer meeting while the weather was cooler and we had it down at the tabernacle. Then we came up to the lodge for snacks (I didn't take any) and our adult class, which we had in the lodge where we had air conditioning.

After that, we had lunch. My brother-in-law didn't come today after all. He thought it was too hot to get out.

This afternoon I had my Temple School class. It was well attended again and had lots of interesting comments.

They are cooking hamburgers outside for supper. I probably won't have any. I've had enough food today.

Tonight our speaker is the missionary from Netherlands, Win van Klinkle. He is very nice and he had a very good and interesting adult class this morning.

The service this evening was very good! The sermon was wonderful and the music was fantastic.

I am very tired so will shower and go to bed at 9:30.

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