Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cooler Thursday

This morning at 7:21, it's only 70 degrees so I took Slinky for his walk. I guess he thought he had overdone it the other day because today he only wanted to walk 4 blocks again. Well, I can't blame him. He's an old dog and I certainly know what it feels like to be an old dog. :)

I took Aleve again last night for my aching knees.

I attended the PINCH meeting last night. I told the group I would be going to Springfield for our Mission Center Conference on September 24, the day of the PINCH Community Wide Basket Dinner, so would not be able to attend. There will be at least two of us missing. I hope it goes well without us.

The next PINCH meeting will be held September 21, a couple of days prior to the dinner so last minute plans and assignments can be made.

Sunday after church Leslie and John and Bob A. and I will go to the church's campgrounds for a business meeting concerning the campgrounds. I imagine they will propose putting the campgrounds on the market. We can rent the grounds for two reunions (family camps) and a women's retreat much cheaper then trying to keep up the campgrounds. They will serve homemade ice cream after the meeting. I imagine that's added incentive for people to attend the meeting.

Other then that, this week is fairly empty. Maybe I can get my lawn mowed and trimmed this Saturday. By then it will need it again. If it's cooler this afternoon, I want to trim back my spirea and one clematis. The spirea is out of control and I want to trim out the dead parts of the clematis.

Next Thursday is our first meeting of the Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance. I will need to send out a notice tomorrow. It takes these ministers several days to decide if they want to attend or can attend and I need to know by Tuesday to call in our dinner reservations.

I will leave shortly to go to work and get back to this later.


Anonymous said...

I have mowed my yard all summer and each time I mow it all the aches and pains kick in for about a day then I start to feel better. Like you, I know I need the exercise. I have a battery powered weedeater, too, and I love it. So easy to handle. Hope you are doing well. We are beginning to get some cooler weather and for that I am thankful.

Margie's Musings said...

Me too. It's not here altogether but it's coming.

Today, it's only 95 degrees.