Thursday, February 9, 2012

Better Thursday

Well, I made it through yesterday and it was a huge day. I did get some sleep last night though. Slinky only woke me up four times and I managed to get back to sleep after I went back to bed.

After I got off work yesterday, I called my brother-in-law to see how his tax hassle went. We did his taxes on Monday and tried to file online like I did. For some reason the IRS kept saying his birthdate was wrong. We checked the hard copy and it was not. All the information was correct. We tried to refile and it was still rejected. He called the IRS while I was at work yesterday and checked out his birthdate. They had it correct too. Still the form would not go and was rejected again. The man at the IRS said he had not included his adjusted gross income from 2010. We looked that form over completely and there was no place for his 2010 adjusted gross income. So we printed off the forms and if the TaxAct support can't help us today, he will send them off in the mail. What a mess for him to have to deal with.

We went out to Braums and had a sandwich. I was very hungry.


Anonymous said...

Grandma I'm just asking, have you ever thought of putting in a doggy door for Slinky? That way he could let himself out. they have the manual kind and automatic ones too.

Margie's Musings said...

Hi Christina! Good to hear from you. How did you find me?

I am afraid the neighbor's cats would be coming in too. Also, I have a storm door on both doors and the storm door would prevent a doggy door from working.