Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Full Day

I will work a full day today. I hope there's plenty of work.

I went to bed fairly early last night and awoke at 3:30 and from then on it was on and off. Finally at 4:15 I got up and got myself ready for work. It will be a long day but I can use the time to clean my floors and get ready for Sunday..when I have the Living the Questions group here in the evening. I also water my plants in the mornings.

The Schwan's man never came last evening. I had a list of dinners to buy from him. He must have given up on me. He won't be coming again until the 3rd. I may buy some meals at Wal Mart until then.

More later...I must let Missy in.

The Schwan's man came this evening. And I bought my four dinners. All I ate for supper was a small yogurt. I read my kindle all evening and will go to bed at 9:30.

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