Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back to Work

My sister must have made it through the night. I didn't hear from my brother-in-law.

I will work today. I hope there's something to do. I worked about an hour out of three on Tuesday. I work eight hours today. I hope there's something to do.

I will pack my car on Friday evening and leave Saturday morning after breakfast with Bob. That is...if Phyllis is still alive.

After Bob checked on Phyllis again yesterday afternoon and found they had put her on oxygen, we went on out to John and Leslie's house. We got there between five and five thirty. We were to have eaten at 5:30 but Jeromy's guests didn't arrive until after 6:00 and we didn't actually eat until 7:00 - 7:30. By then everyone was really hungry.

I did the few dishes and pans we had before the fireworks. Cheyenne, who is 5 months old, got really cranky and dominated Jeromy and Marlene's evening. Babies can be so difficult. They can't tell you what's wrong so they scream.

We stayed awhile for the fireworks but Bob was as tired as I was so we left early. We got back to the city at 10:00. He dropped me off and I took my bath and went to bed.

More later....

At 9:00 this morning my brother-in-law called to say Windsor had called him to say if he wanted to say his goodbyes to my sister, his wife, he should come immediately. He called me and we both met out there. She lived until 12:40 and we were both there with her when she finally breathed her last. The graveside services are to be Monday at 10:00 or 11:00 AM. I will come home from camp to do them with the help of my daughter. Then I will go back to camp.

We went out to the Spring Hill cemetery to see the grave site after we notified his daughter and his youngest son. We will call the other two after we get things firmed up for sure.


ChuckFu said...

She will be missed, but a relief for all concerned to see her in that condition, God bless her, you all are in our prayers

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Keith. You kids are jewels.

Balisha said...

oh,Margie...I missed this post. I'm so sorry about your sister. You were always there for her and I'm sure she appreciated it. It's so hard to see a loved one in her condition. It's over now and she is finally at peace.
Prayers for you and your family,

Mari Meehan said...

Margie, I saw someone had come to my blog from yours so I came over to see what you've been doing and read about your sister. Please accept my condolences. She was a fortunate woman to have had you in her life. I'm sorry she will no longer be part of yours except in memories. May they be rich.