Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Half Day Tuesday

I'm only working a half day today just in case Carol has a cancellation and I can get my hair done this morning. It is a mess after mowing last night.

I will do some cleaning while I'm home this morning. Then after 9:00, I want to go out to Windsor to see Phyllis. I would love to get the energy up to go out and mulch my flowerbeds. It just isn't there though.

I am sorry I registered for camp. I am so afraid something will change with Phyllis while I am gone.

A woman called the church a few days ago and asked us to prepare a dinner for her family following the funeral services for her son. She is a member but lives 68 miles away and attends a different church there. We agreed to do it and made a monumental effort to get together a dinner for 20 - 25 family members. Four of our members helped serve it.

The dinner was yesterday at 3:00. Four people showed up. The mother of the young man who died apologized for the few who came but we still have a lot of food to dispose of somehow. I will eat on my chicken casserole until I leave on Saturday for camp. I will take the dessert I have left to the office today. I know we did the right thing but what a disappointment! All that food and effort.

I went to see Phyllis and she was asleep. She didn't have her mouth guard in. I looked up the nurse and Debby and they told me they had had to get it out of her mouth because she had chewed it into pieces. They were afraid she would choke on it. They are watching her closely so she won't chew up her lip again. It looks pitiful now.

More later....

I was in the office for four hours today but I can't say I worked much. It was a very slow day...worse then usual. Yesterday was the same way.

I wrote some traffic tickets and entered them into the computer and then filed them. I copied some documents for Lynn. I filed about a half dozen documents. That was about all. We left the office at 4:00 after we were given permission. It will be good to be off tomorrow for the holiday.

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