Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Half Day Wednesday

Today and from now on, I will work four half days each week...unless they increase our hours again. Today I am home waiting for a phone call from the office telling me the shredders are there and I should come in.

I have finished up the thank you cards and put them out for the mailman to pick up. Bob took his home to put return addresses on them and stamps. We will both probably get more cards so he will pick up some more thank you cards at the funeral home.

I probably better eat breakfast. I had a cup of coffee earlier this morning but still haven't had breakfast and it's 10:45.

More later....

I have waited all morning and still have not heard from my supervisor. She wanted me to work five hours today but there will only be four hours left in the working day if I go in at 1:00. I may have to go in for an hour or so tomorrow if she doesn't call soon.

The shredders never showed up. I spent the afternoon filing and doing some scanning of traffic tickets. My supervisor will call me in on Thursday if they come then and I will put the hours on next week and not work on Tuesday.

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