Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning at Camp

I arrived at camp after lunch yesterday. I went into town first because I learned that registration didn't start until 2:00. I got my cabin assignment and moved all my stuff in. I don't believe I forgot anything. Madaleen will bring the Temple School material when she and Bill come over today.

There are to be about 125 at this camp and that will be good. I see a lot of people I have known for decades. They are all the salt of the earth. I get up about 5:00 AM and come to the dining hall for coffee with the coffee group. Then I got my laptop out and download my mail. Unfortunately I can't seem to answer any of it. The mail program won't work to send out mail. Later I will try web mail. That may work. I have had dozens of condolences about Phyllis.

It rained all during the service and we were delighted. It really cooled things down.

Yesterday was mostly orientation. My devotions start this morning at 7:30 and the Temple School class this afternoon at 2:00.

I will do the devotion in the morning and then leave to go home to do the service for Phyllis. Then I will come back to camp.

More later....

Hooray! The webmail worked fine. Unfortunately all I got was spam. But at least I know I can get my e-mail that way.

The devotion went fine this morning. Then we had a pretty good breakfast. Now I'm waiting until time for the worship service at 10:30. It's only nine now.

I will read the online news.

I am now finished with the Temple School for the day. I hope to get back by 2:00 tomorrow so I can continue the course.

The others are playing Bingo right now and I have been checking my webmail. In about 30 minutes we will have supper. I don't want to eat much. I had a pretty good sized lunch and breakfast.

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