Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Lunch Date

About 10:00 Bob and I will leave for Bartlesville to meet Myra for lunch. We will go to the mall although I'm not sure where we will eat lunch. The three of us will make that decision later this morning. The last time Myra and I met we ate at Pies and Such and had a really neat soup and half sandwich. Then we had a piece of pie.

The rest of the day is free. I have already had my hair done this morning and mopped the kitchen and hall floors.

I need to go to the bank first and get some more money. When we get to Bartlesville, I also want to check into Christopher and Banks and see if they have anything I can't live without. I also need to check with Dr. Burch's office to see if they are open today and if so, for how long. I think they close at 1:00 on Fridays. I need to pick up my contacts for my right eye. I still have three for the left eye.

More later...

I forgot all about stopping for my contacts. What a day. We did meet Myra for lunch and went to Dink's Barbeque for lunch. It was, as usual, very good. Then Bob and I went to Independence again so I could drop off my comforter to be washed. Then we came on back home where I dropped him off at his home.

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