Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Busy Wednesday

I filed and scanned all afternoon but I could not get finished. Everything I scanned is now in the file box. I ran out of time. One of my co-workers doesn't do any scanning at all...even her own work. She waits until the scan box is empty and then she puts hers in there. I will have plenty to do this afternoon. First I will file everything from yesterday and then I will begin scanning again.

So far, although the house is being shown, it hasn't sold. It's only been on the market since January 4th. In winter, it may take awhile. It looks selling a house is best in spring when everything is in bloom.

Last night we went to the hospital to have dinner and to hear a presentation on Barrett's Esophagus, which is a pre-cancerous condition caused by continual acid reflux disease. Bob has acid reflux disease. They now have a treatment for the Barrett's Esophagus. They can go down into the esophagus and burn off the stomach type tissue they find there. When it heals, healthy tissue re-forms and at least temporarily the Barrett's Esophagus is under control. Left untended, Barrett's Esophagus becomes cancer. And the cancer has only about a 20% survival rate. The doctor said the primary reason for the acid reflux disease is that half the population is overweight. All people who suffer from acid reflux disease should lose weight and watch what they eat and eliminate spicy foods from their diet.

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