Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Work Tuesday

Well, it's back to work this afternoon. First, this morning I will go to Independence and have my hair done and go to the bank. My appointment is at 10:30 but I will leave at 9:00 so I can go to the bank and look up a condo I saw advertised in the Reporter. I don't know whether this house will sell or not. It's been shown four times. An Independence realtor showed it yesterday while Leslie, Maia and I were in Bartlesville. But I haven't heard anything. If I should move to Independence, I will ask to be transferred to Independence with my job training job.

I checked out rentals in Bartlesville yesterday briefly with Leslie. What she thought were duplex rentals though were actually for sale. One was $109,000 and one was $60,000. I certainly don't want another house of any kind on my hands. That is why I am trying to sell this one. Taxes and insurance....grrr.

The realtor I spoke to said that rentals in Bartlesville were not very nice. That may be true of the ones I could afford. I need something at about $500 a month. Most of the nice ones are $700 - $800 a month.

This evening after work, Bob and I will attend a dinner at the hospital to hear a presentation on Barrett's Esophagus. Bob has acid reflux disease and that is always a concern with that condition.

So, I won't need a DVD video this evening. Last night we just watched "America's Funnest Videos" on TV. That's alright but I get a little tired of the foolishness.

Yesterday I packed another four boxes of stuff in the den that I seldom use. I stacked them in the garage along the west wall. I had called the number of the manager of the duplexes on Cline Road that I am interested in renting, and learned there are twelve ahead of me. I doubt I will get in there. I did have her put me on the list though.

I may pack some more this morning before I leave for Independence. I have several drawers of stuff I don't use in my bedroom dresser.

More later....

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