Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cakes Again on Tuesday

The home schooling group that was helping with the cakes at the First Christian Church in Independence has dropped out after just one turn. So it's back to every other Tuesday. I baked my two just as soon as I got home from work. Bob came over with a DVD movie and his cake and we watched that after I got my cakes out of the oven. It was called something like "The Last Three Days". It was pretty good except that I could barely hear the dialog.

When I went to work yesterday I told one of my co-workers that my house had been sold and I would be having to give up my job. She seemed happy for me. But when my supervisor came in and I told her, she was very unhappy. She had been called and told I was leaving by the director of the program. She never spoke to me all afternoon. She's very moody and I never know what to expect from her moods. It will be good to not have to work and deal with that type of response anymore. My last day is February 6th, the last day of this pay period.

I tried to get the manager of the duplex apartment to let me come over and see it so I would know how much space I will have. She would not budge. It will be at least another week before the apartment is ready. The painter has a full time job and only paints in the evenings and weekends. So I still do not know what it looks like. And I don't know how much furniture I can keep. If worse comes to worse, I will store my furniture and move in with my daughter for awhile. I just hate to move twice.

At the next library board and foundation meetings, I will tender my resignation there too. I will also have to give up the office I hold with the PINCH organization. Worse yet, I will have to give up my Living the Question group. I do not like to drive at night anymore. I hope to eventually start a group in Caney.

I have my hair appointment this morning at 10:00 and Bob is also getting a haircut. He will go with me to deliver the cakes first. Then we will eat at Big Cheese Pizza before I come back home to go to work. First though, he needs to return the video and I need to pick up my prescriptions at The Medicine Shoppe. I ran out of my blood pressure medicine yesterday and did not take it yesterday.

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