Friday, February 1, 2013

Another Cold Friday

It's 16 degrees this morning...very cold! I went to Independence to get my hair done early this morning and when I got back I got Bob's wheelbarrow down from the back of the shed and moved all that trash I had pulled out of the shed and out into the back yard to the front for a special trash pick up today. That included a couple of old chaise cushions Slinky slept on. It was easier then I thought. Now the first warm day, I need to finish cleaning out that shed. It's a mess. Bob never kept it clean and I never cleaned it after he died. It was just too much of a mess. Now I must clean it out in order to get ready for the move. I will pull everything out into the yard and blow out the mess in the shed and sweep it out. I still have to sell my Dixon mower. Two people came to look at it after I announced it on Open Line 69 but it was too small for their yards. The wanted a larger one. I have so much junk to sell or get rid of.

Today Bob and I will split a T bone steak for lunch/dinner. I will have baked potatoes with it and a salad. I may not fix a veggie. That should be enough and I have fruit and cookies for dessert.

He was going to try to rent a Jody Foster movie for tonight. We watched the old "Phenomenon" movie with John Travolta last night. I had seen it many years ago but only once. We both feel that most of the time the old movies are the best.

More later....

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