Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Huge Wednesday

I am so lucky I have nothing scheduled for this week except the class reunion meeting on Friday afternoon. Next week is packed and that is moving and closing week. I just keep finding stuff to pack. I am going to get out a black yard bag and start just throwing away stuff I will never use. No one else will want it either. I have one box going for rummage stuff that the kids will store for me until the yard sale. There are half a dozen of those boxes already.

Yesterday was exhausting! I will get a key made for Leslie today and go out to Wal Mart to buy a few things for the apartment. I need a rack to screw on the back of the door of the cabinet under the sink for waxed papers, saran wrap and rolls of foil. I need another rack for the back of the door of my bedroom. I keep my robes hanging there. I want to get a new swifter. Mine has come apart and I use it here nearly every day. Of course the apartment has vinyl in only the kitchen and bath so the vacuum will be the most used there. I use both here. Moving is certainly exhausting...especially if you're doing most of it by yourself. Until I get the furniture moved, I can only put away the kitchen and bath stuff and perhaps some stuff that goes over the washer and dryer. I also need more banker boxes.

I have an appointment on the 19th with Dr. Eslicker, the dermatologist in Bartlesville about my cellulitis. It is still not cleared up and tonight's antibiotic is the last one of this latest round.

About 7:00, when it begins to get light, I will take the boxes I have in the car over to the apartment. Then I can load up the ones I packed last night and take them over too. I also need to run by Keith and Joyce's store and see if they has any more boxes.

More later...if I have time.

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