Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Monday

My realtor contacted me yesterday afternoon to say I need to move from the house before the closing and the closing has been moved up to the 13th. I finally contacted my mover after not being able to reach him all day and have moved the moving date to the 11th or the 12th...a week earlier then planned. He will call me this afternoon with a firm date. He has to see if his helper will be available.

I am still not completely packed. I think I can get it finished today though...all but that garage and shed. I will need to leave enough here for basic living until the day before the move. The day of the move, I will need to pack my freezer and refrigerator stuff so he can move the frig. My grandson is coming today at noon to look over the shed and garage situation. My daughter thinks they can store stuff I will save for a yard sale in the spring. It will be difficult to advertise a yard sale in a twice weekly newspaper. An ad for three days on Open Line 69 will run $5.00. But it's an AM station. I think the audience is pretty large because people can sell stuff on that morning program.

I heard from Richard in this morning's e-mail. He still has his cold so it will be the middle to the end of the week before he can get my shades up. I want to ask the landlord to repair two chipped storm windows at the house and I need to get two drapery rods down. They will be in the way of the shades. I am still looking for some sort of curtain to cover the window in the carport door entrance.

Leslie will be coming in this morning to bring her SUV. She has the seats down and I can load up those boxes of books in it and we will take them to the apartment. I will have to carry them in because she is just barely recovering from her back surgery. She can open doors for me.

More later if I have time....

We packed all morning and moved boxes over to the apartment. After lunch at 1:00, I convinced Leslie to stop and go home to rest. I continued until mid afternoon unpacking and putting dishes away until around 3:00 then I came home and repacked boxes and my car until 4:30. Finally I sat down and am resting. I am awfully tired. I know I am not going to be able to use all my decorative accessories so after I get everything put away the best I can, I will pick and choose what to use. The rest will go into the yard sale.

I still have some odds and ends to pack. There are my pans, canisters, underwear and pj's and all the stuff in the closets. I didn't get any of it moved. There's just a lot of stuff here.

I have stopped for the day. I will have my hair done in the morning, pick Leslie up and we will go to Bartlesville to Lowes' tomorrow to look for some door curtains and some organizers for the closets and drawers. I started to take the range hood down because I am going to get a white one to match Cyndi's stove. It was attached by a large electric cord. I finally called Mr. Bishop and he will finish taking it down either tonight or tomorrow morning. Bob dropped by. Mr. Bishop is buying Bob a new stove. That one in his house is a mess. It simply couldn't be salvaged.

I am so tired. I hope I sleep well tonight.


Balisha said...

Hi Margie,
It's a big job...moving. Especially if you are doing most of the "grunt" work yourself. I did the same in my last move. Be careful hauling those boxes. Hope your day has some rest periods.

Margie's Musings said...

Leslie came at 8:00 and we began packing up the rest of the house. We still are not finished. I convinced her to stop in the afternoon and go home to rest. I continued all afternoon.

I quit about 4:30 after repacking the car again. I will take that stuff over in the morning.

I go to Independence to get my hair done in the morning.