Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Bad Night

I had another bad night. I woke up at 12:30 with both arms aching. I turned over and eventually went back to sleep until 4:00 AM. Then I just got up. They are fine now and I haven't even taken another Tylenol. The mystery continues. My doctor has no interest in finding out what's happening there. I have half a notion to call Dr. Rayburn in Bartlesville. He had diagnosed Bob after months of dealing with local doctors. Oh well...

I may go back to Bartlesville today. I need to see if I can get an appointment to get my oil changed at the Honda agency. It's time.

I will warm up some biscuits for breakfast and have a couple of cups of coffee. I'm never too hungry at breakfast. In fact, the only meal I am hungry for is lunch/dinner. Sometimes I just have yogurt for supper. Last night I just had a small Sonic Blast. I know that's not too healthy but I couldn't think of anything else I wanted. Then I went out to Leslie's and visited for awhile. I also picked up some meat. She gives me all the beef I want.

I have decided just to cook two or three days a week. I may start buying from Schwan's again. Their food is pretty good.

I got out last night and mulched my new flowerbed. Here is a photo of it.

More later...

Well, I did it. I bought some more geraniums and stands for them. I wanted to decorate the front of my apartment area. I will take a photo and post it here.

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