Friday, May 17, 2013

Independence on Friday

Today I go back to Independence to get my hair done. I just had it done on Wednesday but I definitely don't want to wait until Tuesday to have it done again. The wind and rain has done some bad things to it already anyhow. Afterward I will go out to their Wal Mart to get a few things I need.

I slept pretty well last night I awoke at 4:45 with both arms hurting. I did call Dr. Rayburn's office in Bartlesville yesterday to see if I could get in to see him. It seems he only sees people from referrals from doctors. I doubt I could get Dr. Gillis to refer me to a Bartlesville doctor for x-ray scanning. He would want me to see someone here in Coffeyville and I really don't want a full body scan. I just want my arms scanned.

I tried to call Bob a little bit ago and he did not answer. He's either still asleep or in the bathroom. I will check that out in a little bit. We generally check on one another every morning. It's 6:00 and he's usually up long before this.

I had better water my plants. I just had an advisory from nexis text message that there is thick fog out this morning. Maybe I won't go to Independence after all.

I called Carol and cancelled my hair appointment this morning. The fog is still plenty thick and I don't need to take any chances.

More later....

I called Dr. Shu's office with the advice of my daughter and they told me to get an order from my doctor for an MRI. I did that and my appointment is May 28th at 3:00. After I get the MRI, I will get an appointment to see the doctor.

Maybe eventually I will find out what the problem is instead of just treating the symptoms.

Bob and I had meatloaf for lunch with boiled potatoes and brussels sprouts and fruit salad and then we had fruit for dessert. It was all good.


Ugich Konitari said...

Hi Margie, Came here from Sylvia's and greetings from Mumbai, India . Am much younger than you, but had occasion to go through the arm pain stuff sometime earlier. Turns out that the vertebra in my neck had noticeable wear and tear, all due to age etc, and since a bunch of ligaments and tendons related to arms were connected there or whatever, I used to have this really bad pain.

Strangely they didnt xray the arm, but did the shoulder and neck. Just wanted to tell you that I used a neck collar for 15 days (daytimes only) . I also used a slightly different pillow. The results were very encouraging. And it did not involve taking any pills/injections etc,

Also , if you have left arm pain etc consistently, it is probably a good idea to have an ECG done.

Just wanted to tell you this.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for checking in with me. The worst arm is the right one. The left occasionally also bothers me but I usually sleep on that one.

Thanks also for the suggestion of what might be wrong.

Margie's Musings said...

I cannot post on my blog now. There is an error message there when I try. It is bX-kp3fs1

I have reported it but nothing has been done about it so far.