Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Storms

We had another bad storm yesterday afternoon. All we got was hail although that was bad enough. Leslie called Bob to go out to the church and check for damage. Dearing, a small community three miles south of the church, had major hail damage. He found most of the damage on the south side of the church.There is major damage on that south side of the church. The gable end's vinyl siding has holes all over it. The furnace vents are all beat up from the hail and the attic vents all have hail damage, and the spiral light is knocked off. The gutters and downspouts are all beat up with hail damage. Probably the roof too but Bob could not see that without climbing up there but with all the other damage we have, the roof is probably damaged too. It would be good if we could wait to get Blair Edwards to do the work or at least the inspection since he was the only one who was able to finally stop the roof leak that caused the stain there in the sanctuary ceiling. Jeff finally fixed the ceiling. It also got our church sign. What a mess!

Tragically, that storm system hit Oklahoma City area, Moore, New Castle, and Shawnee. 51 people in Moore were killed and 20 of them were very young children. 240 were injured. It was a mile wide and the winds were 200 miles per hour. It was terrible. Moore had been hit before in 1999.

We had a hailstorm late night before last and then the second one hit yesterday afternoon. I kind of enjoy storms but that's because I've never been in a serious one, I know. Bob, on the other hand, was in the Clay Center tornado in the 70's. It makes all the difference. I stood out in the carport and watched the wind blow and then rain and then finally hail. The storm warning sirens went off several times.

I got my car back before the storm hit yesterday afternoon. It was less then I thought. $185. I didn't have to transfer money out of my savings after all. I had enough in my checking account to cover it. I was at the collision center to ask about a repair to my trunk area that is causing the leak of water into my truck when the wind began and instead I just came on home and got my car under the carport.

We discovered the leak when I had that flat a couple of weeks ago. The jack was rusted and the doughnut tire was rusted onto the big screw that holds it in place. There was some water standing in that area of the trunk too. Gary discovered that it came from the repair to the driver's side after the wreck that occurred before I bought the car. So it's been leaking there for a long time. I've had the car since 2003. Eventually it will rust out the underside of the trunk if I don't get it repaired. I need to find out what that would cost though. Maybe I can get that done this afternoon. It's always something, it seems.

Today, I take the cakes to Independence and then get my hair done. With all the rain and moisture in the air, it's a mess. After the storm, I baked my two cakes and got them iced before bedtime last night. All but Bob's are in the car now. It's only 6:00 and he will be bringing his over soon.

Again, I slept well last night and didn't even wake up until after 4:30 AM.


Betty said...

I'm glad you weren't near the tornado that devastated Moore. We have been having thunderstorms for the past few days, but nothing damaging.

Joellen Cirilo said...

Hail storm and a car trunk repair? This was an experience you’ll never want to recur. But despite these bad experiences, it’s a relief that it all ends well with you. Better if you have a second opinion for your car. That hail storm might have done more damage than you think. -- Joellen Cirilo @ YoungsCollision.com