Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Again

It's Friday again and I left about 6:20 for Independence where I went to the bank and then got my hair done. When I got home we went to exercise class. I hope that exercise doesn't hurt my arms further. I really feel I need the exercise.

I slept very well last hurting of any kind. I got up around 5:00AM as usual. After drinking my coffee and taking my meds, I took Missy and went outside for a little while. She loves it out there around 5:45. I couldn't stay out long because of my appointment.

After the 9:00AM exercise class, some of us went to Utopia and had coffee and a scone. Then we came on back home. Bob just called to say he has gone to ICC in Independence to pick up his granddaughter at college. I will fix dinner/lunch a little later because I'm not sure when he will get back. It will probably be closer to 12:30 or 1:00 before we eat today. I don't have a plan for this afternoon. We will have pork cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring salad. I haven't fixed dessert yet but I believe we will have fruit. I will set it out in dessert dishes to thaw.

More later....

Well, we had dinner about 12:30 and it turned out fine. Bob went home to take a nap.

I received my new laptop battery and will let it charge overnight with the computer shut down. Then I am supposed to use the battery after it is fully charged until the computer reports that the battery is low. I am to allow the battery to cool for thirty minutes and then recharge it again. I am to do this for a total of three charges/discharges and then rundown and recharge the battery at least every few weeks. This is to keep the battery operating at peak performance and will keep the charge level indicator accurate. That is evidently how you keep a new battery broken in. This is according to the instruction sheet that came with the battery.

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