Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Rather Quiet Tuesday Too

There's not much going on today either. I met my daughter for lunch in Independence today after my hair appointment and after I delivered our cakes from Coffeyville. Then I came home and went to town to pay my car insurance. It was less than I thought and that was a pleasant surprise. Of course, it's only until January and then the full half comes due. Also, when I receive the title, I will have to register it and pay the sales taxes on it. I bought it in Oklahoma and this is Kansas so I have to pay the Kansas sales tax on it. That will be a shock.

I talked to my granddaughter, Christina, this morning. Her baby is due on the 30th. It will be a girl and they will name her after her father with an "ie" on the end of the name. Kylie.

More later...

I went up and paid my car insurance this afternoon. It will come due again in January. I just paid the difference between now and January. I still did not get my title in the mail today. I did get a Penney's bill. I never received the new coverlet I had ordered but they billed me for it. I called Penney's and complained and they took it off my bill. I did not reorder it. This is the second time something has been lost in the mail from Penney's. It also happened with my living room bamboo blind. I know it's the mail and not Penney's but they knew it was lost in the mail and billed me anyhow and did not notify me. If I had not checked it out I might have paid the bill without getting the merchandise.

I am going to bed at 9:30. I tried to stay up to watch Frontline on PBS about the scandal over assisted living homes for us elderly but it was way too depressing.