Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Busy Sunday

This morning we will go to church...a little early to be sure the place is clean. Since Cyndi moved to Claremore, we have had no one to clean the church. I really miss that. Bob and I have given it a lick and a promise this month but it really needs a good thorough cleaning. I may try to get that done before we leave for Branson this Thursday.

After church, as usual, some of us will eat out together. Then I will come home and get the letters ready to go out. After that, I will fix apple brown betty for tonight's Living the Questions group. I will need to walk over to Brahms and buy some vanilla ice cream to serve with it. It will be wall to wall busy today.

I had a kind of disconcerting event this morning. After I woke up I blew my nose to clear it and bright red blood came out. This is what preceded the erysipelas earlier this year. The nose bleeds began before the Peace Colloquy Leslie and I attended in October and continued regularly until February. Then in February I woke up one Sunday morning with my face and eyes all swelled up. It took me from February 8th until the third week in April to get the erysipelas cleared up. First it had to be correctly diagnosed. The emergency room doctor called it cellulitis. My family doctor thought I had the common cold. I had to go to Bartlesville to a dermatologist before someone correctly diagnosed it and got me on a strong enough antibiotic used enough times per day to get it cleared up. Anyhow, I'm concerned that I have a nosebleed again.

Enough of that....


Balisha said...

Hope this isn't the same thing. Maybe if it is early enough to nip it in the bud and not have to go through what you did before.
Have a good day...your Apple Brown Betty sounds delicious for a fall dessert.

Margie's Musings said...

It is, Balisha. I really like it. Thanks for the kind words.