Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trip to Branson

Bob and I leave for Branson as soon as he returns from his Lion's Club meeting this morning. They meet over breakfast. I think it's a good thing he has something else to do besides run around with me. He really needs some male fellowship too. I have PINCH.

I have packed everything I think I will need except my glasses. They worry me when I wear them so I will get along without them. We will go out to Silver Dollar City today to see the Cajun Connection. They are not there past Thursday and that's why we're going a day earlier than usual. We are going to eat lunch tomorrow on the Branson Belle. It is accompanied by a music program. My Bob and I went one time years ago. But it's been years. I have forgotten about most of the trip.

We don't know how long we will be up to doing these things so we are doing them while we can. Bob will be 80 next year and I will be 78 in December. We are both blessed with pretty good health for our ages.

In November, perhaps sooner, Bob will be moving to the fourplex where I live. That small apartment is much nicer then the little house where he lives across the street and it will be cheaper in the long run. The rent will be $30 higher but all the utilities and the TV will be paid except the electric bill, even the trash collection. I will help him move. Mostly we will just walk across the street with his belongings. Bobby and Karan will help with the furniture. There will be no appliances. Those are furnished.

We will be back Saturday afternoon. I have put the cat feeder back out and filled it for Missy, my cat. I have also put out three dishes of water. She drinks a lot of water. No one will be here to clean up the liter box but I will do that job when I return on Saturday. I am not taking this laptop so there will be no more posts until Saturday evening. The weather is forecast to be lovely so we are hoping for the same at Branson.

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Balisha said...

Have fun, Margie. Good to hear that Bob will be moving into your fourplex.It's nice to have someone that you can depend on for fun and help...if you need it.
Be safe,