Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy Sunday Yesterday

It was a very busy Sunday you can see. I didn't get any posting done yesterday. We went to church at 8:45...drove my new car this time. I did some cleaning out there and Bob did his usual deacon stuff. Then at the 11:00 hour, we had a friend of mine from the black community as our guest minister. He brought his entire choir. There were 15 of them and 18 of us. A nice little crowd. They did a fantastic job on the music. Then Virgil preached and I mean he preached! All in all it was a terrific service!

Afterward Leslie and Phyllis and Bob and I went to Independence to the Railroad Inn for lunch. That was good too. Leslie took a photo of my insurance card to e-mail to the Honda agency in Bartlesville. It's amazing what modern technology can do. I don't have a smart phone and frankly..I don't want one. It's all I can do to stay up with the technology of computers. But Leslie wouldn't let me have one even if I wanted one. It would cost her an extra $35 a month on her already high phone bill. She provides me my cell phone and it's my only phone anymore. I got sick and tired of all the recorded sales pitches.

After lunch we took Phyllis back to the church to pick up her car and came back home. I dropped Bob off at his place to take his nap and came over to mine to do the newsletters I do each week. When I finished those Deana came over and printed off a document using my printer. Their's must be on the blink. Anyhow then after that, I read the Coffeyville Journal and took it over to Bob. He was through with his nap by then. He was hungry again so we decided to walk over to Brahms and have a small hamburger and a small milk shake. Then we came back to my house and watched the news. We skipped 60 Minutes because it was a rehash of the Syrian question and I am tired of hearing about it. We watched Big Bang Theory. I have become hooked on it. Then Bob went home to bed and I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed about 9:00PM. My power was out on one of my table lamps and also that affected the axillary speakers for my TV.

This morning when I woke up I found that the microwave oven was also off. That gave me a clue that it was a breaker so I took my flashlight and step stool into the hall and checked the breaker box. Sure enough a breaker was off so I flicked it back on and everything, including the lamp and speakers came back on. That was simple. Who would have thought!

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