Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Again

It's another Wednesday and a busy one. I got up early and ate breakfast and a little later Bob came over for awhile. I then visited with my neighbor on the east most of the morning. Then I came home and fixed dinner/lunch and Bob came over for the dinner.

Bob and I had an opportunity to see Connie's apartment two doors over on this fourplex. She's going to move. I would like to see Bob get that apartment if he can get Mr. Bishop, our landlord, to put down new carpet. It would be $20 more money each month but he would have a nicer apartment and also a dining room. He would also have a dishwasher and Mr. Bishop pays all the utilities except the electric....even the TV. He talked to Mr. Bishop about it and he said he didn't have a problem with it. So Bob may move across the street in November...maybe before that if she moves out earlier. It also has a nice patio.

This evening I went to PINCH. The meeting went well and all the plans for the PINCH dinner on Saturday evening are in place. I was home by 6:30.

Friday evening we will go up to the senior center and set up the tables and decorate. I will need to take a dish Saturday evening.

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