Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Big Saturday

This will be a big day and so will tomorrow. This morning shortly before 8:00 I will pick Bob up and we will go to Eggberts for breakfast. After that I am free for awhile. I did my laundry and ironing yesterday afternoon so that's finished. I will need to finish dusting. Later on this afternoon.(we will not have a large lunch today) I will fix my baked beans and the cherry pie cake I'm taking to the PINCH meeting and dinner tonight. Then this evening Paul wants me to do the welcome and introduce our guest, Robert Stile, Director of the SEK/CHC (Southeast Kansas Community Health Center) who is our guest speaker this evening. I really wanted Paul to do it since he was the person who contacted Mr. Stile. But Paul wanted me to do it so...I will.

I have been awake since around 3:00. I have a slightly off stomach this morning. It's either the fruit I've been eating in my smoothies in the evening or the bran I've been eating for my breakfast. I didn't eat anything last night. I didn't trust my stomach. I did go up to the senior center at 6:00 last night and help set up tables and decorate for tonight's meeting/dinner. We had plenty of help. Maybe I will get a nap today. We will see.

Then tomorrow evening I am hosting the Living the Questions group. That always kind of bothers me anymore because we are to have about 12 or 13 and my living room is limited for space. It will be close. There will be Bobby and Karan, Bob and me, Howard and Judy, Keith and Joyce, Marilyn, Richard and Mona, and their son, and Gretchen.) That's 13. I am going to make an apple crisp for that occasion and serve it with vanilla ice cream.

Then next Sunday I speak at church. I think I have my sermon all ready. Anyhow, I hope so. I never know for sure until I give it. :) But first Bob and I are going back to Branson Thursday and Friday and come back Saturday afternoon. We want to see the group Cajun Connection out at Silver Dollar City and they are not there Fridays or Saturdays. This time we will go by ourselves.

More later...

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