Monday, December 16, 2013

New Way to Get Into My Blog to Blog

It appears I will have to access today's blog to post the next day's post. Weird! I wonder how that happened? All because I updated my Avast.

After lunch today I made my peanut clusters. I put them in cans for gifts. I took a can over to Bob and also to Merrill and Mr. Bishop, my landlords.

Bob wanted me to take a photo of his table decorated for Christmas. So I took two. They are a little dark. I may have to take them over with my old camera.

This is the second one.

How about that! Blogger must have lightened them up. Now I find I can't get into the blog to compose a new post at all. I don't know what dashboard has done but they have eliminated any entry into my blog to post a new post for another day.

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