Saturday, December 21, 2013

Freezing Rain Saturday

This will be an interesting Saturday. Right now at nearly 6:00, it is raining freezing rain. It will be a toss up as to whether we go to Eggberts for breakfast. I told Bob last evening that if it were too bad, I would fix oatmeal and biscuits for our breakfast here.  Eggberts sounds a lot better so I will wait to see what he thinks when he drops over.

Then this afternoon after 2:00, we are supposed to go to Leslie's Holiday Open House. I hope the weather clears up before then. If not, the party will be a bust. Bob and I will attend anyhow. I made these peanut clusters for it.

Bob came over last evening and we watched the news together and also one or two episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Sometimes it gets to be just too much. He left about 7:00 and I took my bath and stayed up and watched "The First 48 Hours" for awhile. Around 9:00 Missy and I went to bed.. I woke up at 2:00 but went back to sleep after awhile and slept until a little after 5:00.

More later...

Bob got his cookies baked before noon and came over to help finish off the chili at noon. He went home now to catch a short nap.   Leslie called a little bit ago and warned us about the freezing rain and was a little concerned about us coming out there. It's about 14 miles and the rain is freezing too. We will come but will be extra careful.

I read most of the book Gay gave me yesterday . It's called, "Learning to Live With It".  It was written by a young man from Chanute, the community where she lives, who dove off into shallow water at a lake and broke his neck at age 19. He has learned to live with his disability.   The book is his story.

This is my friend, Gay

  We did risk wrecking and went out to John and Leslie's Open House. The only ones who made it were Cyndi and Jeff.  We stayed an hour and a half and then came on back home. The weather was a lot worse out at their house then here. 

I stayed home after that and watched TV and took a nap. About 8:00 I took my bath and put my PJ's on.  I think I ate too much junk at the kids.

The weather is getting worse this evening. I imagine we'll have to cancel church tomorrow..   Our church is in the country and sometimes we are unable to get in and out of the drive when the weather is bad.

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