Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Confused Monday

I finally found the way into my blog. Very confusing. First there was no longer a button for that and finally after I had all but given up, it appeared in the old post again.

I have a lot to do today. First I will leave for Independence at 9:30 to get my hair done and then out to their Wal Mart store to buy gifts for our families that need help with Christmas for their children. Leslie wants me to also buy groceries for them. Bob may go with me and if he does we will eat at Great China. Then we will stop by the church and leave Karan's gifts and the masks for the children's program and bring my gifts home to wrap.

I got my peanut clusters made yesterday afternoon. I put them in Christmas tins took some to Bob and some to my landlords. I also have some for Leslie and also for Bobby.

I play Christmas music every morning on my Bob's Bose player in December. It puts me in the mood for Christmas. I have all my shopping finished now and gift wrapped except for the small boy I will buy for today.

More later...

I just noticed my Christmas Cactus is about to bloom. Here is a photo of it at present. Leslie gave this to me a couple of Christmas' ago.

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