Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quiet Sunday Until Noon

Leslie, my daughter, just called to say it is slipperier out there then we might think. Melissa slipped turning into a driveway so they decided us "old folks" had no business getting out there today. There is a winter weather advisory here until noon for the local roads. It's supposed to be over by noon. That's good. Although we are not having church today because of the winter weather advisory. we are supposed to take a bus trip to Joplin to the college there to see a Living Christmas Tree program. I have not heard that they have cancelled it yet so I guess we're still going. I hope the bus driver is careful. It's doing nothing here in Coffeyville right now. It is north of us at this time.

I am just reading my Consumer's Report magazine right now. I am all ready to go so I won't have to get ready later, I guess.

I slept well again last night but when I got up and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and make up my face and blew my nose, it bled. I hope that dry tissue doesn't turn into the erysipelas again. In February it began with a cold and a bloody nose every time I sneezed or blew my nose. It was a staph infection and it took months to get rid of it and it was very dangerous. The doctor told me if it got into my brain, I would get meningitis and if it got into my blood stream, it would cause sepsis and could kill me. I took my Keflex religiously. It killed all the bacteria, good and bad, in my gut and I have to eat lots of yogurt and acidophiles milk to get it balanced again.

More later...

Well the bus trip was cancelled too. We will get our bus ticket refunded but will lose the $7.00 for the concert. Blast! They say the snow is worse over at Joplin. I guess that's the better part of valor just to cancel. Those of us who planned to go will instead have lunch at Sirloin Stockade here in Coffeyville.

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