Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold, Cold Thursday

It's 7 degrees here again. Brrr.

My brother-in-law came over for the cornbread and beans yesterday. He had a cold...was just developing it.  I gave him my Cold Ease. I believe Cold Ease really helps prevent a cold from fully developing. I keep it on hand and have ever since ten years or so ago I saw a segment on 60 Minutes that featured those zinc lozenges as a pretty good preventive of a cold.  Later I saw a segment on 20/20 featuring the same thing. I became a believer.

I have only had one cold since that day and that was the one I had last winter just before the erysipelas developed in February.  I don't know why it didn't work that time. Anyhow..he also had a runny nose so I gave him some allergy tablets I had here that was to dry up a runny nose and I told him to stay in last night and I would bring the wine and cookies and come over to his place. I did that.   

I just called him. He is feeling pretty good but is still fighting the cold. He only has one Cold Ease left. I tried to get him to stay in out of this cold, cold weather and let me go get more but he is to go into the doctors office for his protine blood test so I couldn't convince him.. They are still trying to get his medication adjusted to avoid a pacemaker.  At his age, the doctor doesn't want him to have surgery even just to put in a pacemaker.

We will have tuna noodle(with peas) casserole  for lunch today. I intend to give Karan's Bobby the rest of the cornbread and beans. When I get out to get my cream of celery soup, I'll take them by their house.  Karan is dieting with Nutrasystem and is eating only their food.  (she has lost 12 1/2 pounds so far). She cooks some for Bobby...but as we all know, cooking for one is not easy.

More later....


marlu said...

I am a believer in Cold Ease too.
At the first sign of that tickle in the throat or the runny nose, I use the lozenges. So far I have stopped two colds that were definitely starting.

Margie's Musings said...

Me too, Marlu. I have only had the one cold in ten years.