Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Exercise and the Doctor

We went to exercise classes this morning at 9:00.  After that, at 10:00 we left for Joplin to eat at Olive Garden and then on to the mall and then on to see the doctor.

The doctor told me he could take up the slack on both eyelids but I really need two surgeries. The second one would raise my eyebrows.  But that one would be my responsibility to pay. I told him I have no resources to pay for a surgery. So he will have his nurse, Betty, schedule my eyelid surgery only. That one will be done under a local in his office. That's how Medicare wants it done.  She did not call me this evening to make the appointment so perhaps she will call tomorrow. I still have not heard from Amie about my job either. Hurry up and wait, they both say.

Bob will come over this evening for wine and then we will watch Nature and Nova.  He went with me to the doctor at Joplin to help me remember what the doctor said. He did say he could not guarantee the eyelids would no droop again. He says my eyebrows need to be lifted.  I will just have to take my chance again.

I finally got my system under control. I have eaten the second of the yogurts I bought yesterday. That added some good bacteria to my system and took care of my problem.

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