Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another Busy Saturday

This has been a busy Saturday. We went to breakfast around 7:00 and then afterward came back home to do everything we needed to get done. First I worked on my checkbook. I found a hundred fifty dollar difference between my checkbook and Quicken. It took me the better part of an hour to find that I had forgotten to enter a deposit in Quicken.  After I did that, it balanced.

Later we worked on getting him online with his new back account. He has Windows 8, which I really do not like. It's so different. There are no icons...only apps. Getting him online was not all that difficult but getting his bill pay to work was something else. I never did figure it out. He will need to take it to the bank on Monday.

Then it was time to begin lunch. We had hamburgers and french fries with a cherry lime slush Bob had bought each of us yesterday when I got home so late from Independence. He had put them in the freezer to save for today. Then I lay down in the recliner and took a long nap.

My eyelid surgery has worked out just fine.  It is nearly completely healed and I have a lot wider vision field.

Now I am just checking my e-mail and blogging here. It's 3:30 now. The weeks just fly by.

More later...

Bob came over at 6:00 and we watched  CNN's "The 60's". It was about the Kennedy assassination and we had seen all that information before over the years but there was nothing else to watch so we watched it again. After he left, I took a shower and washed my hair and blew it dry. I will go to bed about 9:30

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