Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Friday

Today is another Friday. The weeks fly by! We will go to exercise class and then I will go on to Independence and leave Bob to fend for himself for lunch. I am going to take Juanita to lunch and catch up on her news.

I slept well. I did wake up with a stiff neck but I took a couple of Aleve and that may take care of the neck pain. I imagine I slept crooked on the pillow.

We had some of the strawberry rhubarb pie last night. It turned out "o.k." The rhubarb was a little tough. I had cooked it for ten minutes as the recipe said but still it seemed a little tough. But still it was good.

I took Missy outside for awhile this morning.  The cat across the street (the one that looks like Missy) came out for awhile and she was very wary of "him". I think it's a "him".

More later.....

I went on to see Juanita after Bob and I got home from exercise class.  We had lunch and afterward we visited awhile. Juanita is almost completely blind from macular degeneration.  As mine did her bank sold and she had tried to get all her paid "automatically" bills changed to the new account.  She can no longer write checks. Unfortunately she had received three separate letters with the same routing number for each one and account numbers that were different for each of her three accounts two of which were separate checking accounts. She couldn't see that there were three different account numbers and gave every account the same wrong account number.   We  went to the bank twice to figure it out. Finally I told her I would come back up Monday and get all those accounts she has changed to the correct account number.

That poor woman is 92 and barely able to get around plus she is nearly blind. There is no one to help her get that done and she tried to do it herself.

It's a tragedy no one was around to help her. Her only son lives in Chicago. She has a granddaughter there in Independence but she has a full time job.  Saturdays, her only day off,  most of these businesses are closed.

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