Monday, September 1, 2014

Bad Start Monday

Last night Bob and I went over to Bobby and Karan's for the Living the Questions group meeting. I noticed that someone had parked a pickup in Gretchen's drive and Gretchen lives in  Alabama now so I knew it wasn't Gretchen's. That's all I thought about it though. We left Bobby and Karan's at 9:00 after our meeting. Of course, it was dark.

This morning I took Missy out on the carport and was looking around and noticed that Bob's car had a huge dent in the driver's side front right where the headlight is located.  I went over to tell him about it and he came out and looked at it.  From the location of the dent we surmised that someone had to have backed into the front of his car. I called Karan and she told me the neighbor next door to Gretchen's have a teenaged grandson living with them and he is the driver of the pickup. Bob went over there but he wouldn't admit he hit the car.

I got Bob to call the police to get a police report so he would have one for the insurance companies.  The policeman is here now.

I have to work today...even though it's a holiday.

More later....

The day was horrendous! I had 66 people in the museum today and I was swamped.  I did fine until the last people. I made a mistake adding up a purchase in the gift shop and couldn't figure out how to correct it on that machine. Wendy was running the tours at the Brown Mansion so she couldn't come help me and John was mowing at the Vineyard.  John came to close up for me and finally tried to figure out what the cash register was doing. I was exhausted. What with all that went on in the morning, I forgot to eat breakfast. Then I was too busy with all those people in the museum to eat lunch so by 4:00 I was weak from hunger and shaky. I had no way to even go to the bathroom since I have no key to the place and I couldn't leave the shop when there were people all over the place.  So I had no water all day and no food.

When I finally got home close to 5:00, I warmed up the goulash and Bob had brought over some more coleslaw and we had some more garlic bread.  After I ate, I felt better.

I am not supposed to be left without supervision in this program. John told me my predecessor also worked alone.  I don't think Aime knew that. Everyone who works there is a volunteer except me.

It's a mess!


Balisha said...

Oh no! Hope things get resolved for Bob.

Margie's Musings said...

He is not going to go over and talk to the people whose truck it is. It's not in his nature to confront.

Betty said...

I would hope the police would go over and speak to the truck's owners. They should be able to find some evidence on that truck. Or is that wishful thinking? Too much CSI viewing? lol

Margie's Musings said...

The police did go check out the truck but he heard nothing from them after that. He went over earlier and there was some damage on the truck but the kid denied knowing it if he hit him.

marlu said...

I just read your later post about Monday. I hope they find a way to give you time to eat and drink and go to the rest room. I can understand why you were shaky!

This is 2014 - not 1914.