Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday in Branson

This fact about 30 minutes from now, we will leave for Branson. We will stop by and pick up Bobby and Karan. They are going with us.  We will go to Silver Dollar City when we get there and then go eat at Olive Garden a little later this afternoon and then go to the motel and check in.  Tonight we will go see Pierce Arrow again. They have changed their show so it will be different. We were going to see the Beatles (imitators)  but their show isn't on yet.  Bob is driving even though his car has been hit on the drivers side front. We were parked across from a driveway when we were over at Maritt's Sunday evening.  When I got up the next morning I noticed his car had been hit. He approached the boy who's pickup was in that drive and he denied hitting Bob's car but we had been nowhere else and we know he did it since he backed out earlier in the evening and the driveway waqs right across from Bob's car.  But the evidence is circumstantial

We will come home tomorrow afternoon.  Missy suspects something. She sees my bag and knows what that means.  I have put her food in a self feeder and given her two bowls of water. That should hold her until we get home.

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