Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sermon Sunday

I slept very well last night and didn't wake up until 6:00. I had stayed up and read to finish my latest book.

I have the sermon today at church and it will be a little different. I will share my spiritual/religious journey. It will be interesting to see how it is received.  My theology is not your conventional Christian theology even though I really believe in God. I have had so much nudging from God's spirit over the years, there is no way I could be even agnostic.

We will take up a "special" offering for my niece. It will take her a bit to get some order back in her life and decide whether to get a job.  She had been Terry's caregiver for so many years.

Terry had many serious health issues. He had Crohn’s disease for many years. When he was in his thirties he had lymphoma and managed to recover. Several years ago the VA gave him a test using a iodine type product intravenously which gave him stroke and put him into a coma. When he emerged from the coma, he was partly paralyzed.  Recently he developed cirrhosis of the liver, and lung cancer. He had been under hospice care for the past month or so.  But he was very uncomplaining.

We will eat out today after church.  And then I will do my letters. This evening our Living the Questions group will meet at Bobby and Karan's home at 7:00. It will probably be over by 9:00.

More later...

The sermon went fine. Afterward we ate at Maria's in Independence after church.  Then I came home and did my letters even though they won't go out until Tuesday. I wanted to get them out on the mailbox. Now I have a couple of hours to rest before tonight's meeting.

I work tomorrow.  I really hate being open on holidays but I guess there's nothing to do but do it. I imagine we will have visitors.


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ChuckFu said...

So do you have a copy of that sermon to share