Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Again and Exercise

I slept very well last night. I have to admit I ate a large bowl of ice cream before bedtime. That may have helped. Also I did no shelf reading which entails climbing up and down a ladder. That evidently aggravates my right leg.

Today I will probably finish trimming those laminated recipe cards and punch the holes in the corners so Katie can insert the ribbons.  Then I will finish looking up those donated books. 

Tomorrow I will change my bed and wash my bedding just in case Scott does come in late and he wants to stay with me. I got Katie to give me Monday off so I can go with him to the airport to pick up Ginger.  I will work the following Thursday evening for our open house for the public. I am to  make sure the refreshments are kept up. I will work until 7:00 that evening.

I need to sign my time sheet today too. I should be paid tomorrow. Maybe I will go ahead and make an extra car payment after all.

More later....

My Phoenix son, Keith, called me early this morning to warn me that my younger son, Scott, may  be on his way.  I called Scott and sure enough, he was on his way. He will be in here about 10:30 tonight after driving for 16 hours.  I called Keith back to tell him and then called Leslie to tell her.  Scott will stay with me tonight and maybe until Monday.  Ginger will be with him then and they will stay out at John and Leslie's.  I called Scott about 7:00 and he is in Oklahoma City so he is making good time but if he gets sleepy, he will stop and get a motel. I will stay up as long as I can tonight.


Balisha said...

Have a great day....Balisha

Did you know that you have word verification now?

Sister--Three said...

I love pay days!!

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, I noticed that. It must be a part of their upgrade.