Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday and Another Big Day

After breakfast with Bob this morning, I will meet with several of the members of the church at 9:00 and we will take down the church's Christmas decorations.  (As though I didn't get enough of that at work yesterday.) Then after our lunch of leftover meatloaf and potatoes with a veggie and cottage cheese and applesauce,  I will go in to work for another 2 1/2 hours. I will work five hours Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I will be caught up on hours. I had 2 1/2 days to make up this pay period....that's 10 hours for me. 

It looks wet and cold outside this morning. I am not looking forward to getting out there at all. It may be very slick.

Bob just called and begged off of going to breakfast.  He still is fighting a cold so I certainly don't blame him. I will just fix myself a biscuit and have another cup of coffee.

A little after 8:00 AM I went out to church to begin putting away the decorations.  About 9:00 Bobby and Karan came and just a few moments later, Leslie and the children came. We worked until almost 10:30 and got everything put away.  Bobby and I put all those plastic cases in the large shed out there.  After we all left, I went on up to Radio Shack in Independence and had them check out the transmitter on my auxiliary speakers. They were getting power but something inside had evidently died. Anyhow, I bit the bullet and bought some new ones. Leslie will come sometime this next week and install them for me.

After I fixed lunch, I went on to work. Bob never did come. I assumed he had taken a nap since he felt so bad.  After awhile, I texted him to see if he had ever come over to my house to eat his lunch. I had left everything in the skillet. I had misunderstood him. He thought I was going to call him when I got home. I thought he would just come at 11:30 as usual. When he didn't come, I just ate my lunch and went on to work. He got in contact with me later and I told him to go on over and warm up his lunch. That's what he did. I worked until 2:00.  When I got home he was here reading the paper.  He left after awhile and I sat down with a cup of Chi to rest.

More later....

About 6:00, I took my bath and put my PJs on. I was very tired. I stayed up until 9:00 and slept very well.