Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday and My Hair Appointment

This morning I have a hair appointment in Independence at 9:00. Afterward,  I will go into Big Cheese and get our small pizza.  Bob brought some more Coke over so we will have it with our pizza. We get original crust (thin), all three cheeses, extra sauce (spicy)  and Italian sausage. We really like it that way. We generally only have this pizza once every three weeks.

I dread going to work this afternoon. My hands are still sore from yesterday and days past. But I will no longer try to get an entire one side of an aisle done each day. Yesterday was so disappointing. All that work with sore hands and then to have to start over.

Also, Paula didn't work yesterday because school was out. So there are three or four baskets of DVDs to be put away.  She will be working this afternoon (for an hour)  so she can try to get some of that done. I got them all in the machine that last half hour I worked yesterday.  But I got none of the cases put in the bookcases. So there are several hundred cases to be put away in the bookcases.

I am doing a load of laundry this morning. It's been a week since I've done any.  Bob may have some to do this afternoon too.

More later...

Katie was out most of the afternoon. I cleaned some shelves and helped Paula put out four basketfuls of  DVD cases.  It was a big day. About 4:00 Katie came in and I got the scanner out and started again scanning the same books I scanned yesterday. I would about an hour. Once again the tablet acted up. When I saved a shelf of scanned numbers, it shut down and I had to reboot it. The next fourteen numbers I scanned appeared at the top of the list instead of at the bottom. We deleted them and I rescanned the fourteen books. I saved those and finished that row and began the next. That's where I stopped and took the first and last books I had scanned to Katie so she could mark them on her list.

I feel better this evening...not near as tired... although both my thumbs are swollen. They are just a little sore.

I will take a bath in awhile and then put on my PJs and sit in the recliner so Missy can lay on my lap. :)  She's so spoiled.

I managed to stay up and awake through the president's State of the Union speech and Brooks and Shields commentary. I tried to watch the Republican response but she was just too boring and I gave up and went to bed sometime after 10:00.  

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