Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday and Possible Rain

I think it rained all night. At least there is a lot of wet pavement out there. I don't think it's raining now.  I heard from the Service Office and Supply yesterday afternoon.  They wanted $195 per booklet to do my congregational directory. I wanted 25 copies and there were only three pages printed on both sides and  a cover. I had Bob pick it up and I will do it myself.  I will need to get a print cartridge set at Wal Mart and some more paper and some paper for a cover.  I will ask Karan to stitch them together with her sewing machine.  What a racket! They have never charged me anywhere that much before.

More later....

I got the directories finished by 10:30 and took them to Karan to sew the seam.  Then Bob and I decided to go over to Joplin and eat at the Olive Garden.  We used the gift card that my niece, Diana, had sent me for Christmas. Then we went to the mall and I bought two pair of dress slacks. I hadn't had anything dressy for years. Everything I owned looked dated and too large. I also got a great deal on them. They were marked $49.95 each but I got both pair for around $55.00 total.

There's nothing on TV worth watching on Saturday evening. I have no idea what to watch except just to read.

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