Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday and Presiding at Church

I preside again at church today. I also have the bulletin to print off. After church some of us will eat out together somewhere. Bob and I have discussed going to Independence to Great China. Phyllis is probably the only one who would go with us.  Most do not really want to drive up the 9 miles to Independence.

I will try to get my housework finished after I get the congregation's newsletter finished afterwards.  I will be going to exercise class and on to work tomorrow. At least yesterday I got my bed stripped and the sheets washed yesterday morning.

I have set some stew meat in the frig to thaw for lunch tomorrow.

More later...

We did go out to Great China for lunch. There were ten of us counting my great grandchildren. We had a very good lunch there.

Afterward I came home and did the congregational newsletters and afterward called Bob to see if he wanted to go out to Wal Mart with me. He did. I had quite a list this time. I spent over $30 out there then stopped on the way home and ran my car through a car wash.

Bob will come over before 6:00 tonight and we will watch 60 Minutes and have some wine and perhaps some popcorn. All he needed at Wal Mart was bread and a cake mix. We do take cakes to Independence to the First Christian Church there this Tuesday. I will drop them off and then get my hair done at Kathy's.  It really needs it. I may wash it myself tonight when I take my bath.  It looks bad.

I preach again next Sunday. 

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