Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept pretty well last night. Finally I got up at 5:20 and gave Missy her treats and had a couple of cups of coffee myself and a banana.

Today we will go to exercise class. Before I went to bed last night I washed and soaked a half pound of beans for our lunch. I will fix some cornbread to have with it.  I have fruit and cookies for dessert.

Yesterday afternoon, Scott and Ginger and Leslie and I planned their wedding. It will be done at my son-in-law and daughter's farm. It's beautiful out there and they have a lovely patio. Ginger really wanted it outside instead of at the church. So that's where we will hold the ceremony.  I will need to get busy and plan the ceremony. Leslie and I have also decided to have a small reception. The marriage will be a small affair since there will only be about 14 there at most....just immediate family. They have invited Scott's children but they probably cannot attend. Jerod's wife, Melanie, is in school and Jerod, his son, is in the Coast Guard and they live in California. Ashley, his daughter, is also in college and has a full  time job so she probably will not be able to attend.  Ginger's children will come and stay in a motel with Ginger's mother. So there will mostly be Ginger's family there. Scott's brother, Keith, and his wife, Esther, will be there and of course, Scott's sister, Leslie, and her husband, John, whose farm they will be using....probably only 10 of us.

When I get home from exercise class the beans will probably be done. Around 11:00, I will fix the cornbread and get the fruit out of the freezer.

This evening there is a special about the life of John Denver on PBS and Bob will come over  to watch it with me.

More later....

I kept busy at work today but the scanning will be finished after books are weeded out that are not being used and will be put out in the foyer for sale.

More later....

Bob came over for wine this evening and to watch a PBS special on the life of John Denver. After he left, I took my bath, put my PJs on and watched a little of another show on the history of the folk music  craze.

I went to bed about 9:00.

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