Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday and No Church

There is no church today. It snowed all day yesterday and now we have fog and freezing rain and ice. So I will stay in today and clean house.  Depending on what the streets are like at noon, Bob and I may go eat at Sirloin Stockade and we will ask Phyllis to go with us. She may not want to go out but tomorrow we both will need to go to work.

I slept like a baby last night.  Went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 5:00.

Missy, my cat, has been sick all morning ever since I got up and drank my coffee.  I have cleaned up six messes so far. I don't know whether it was a hairball or a stomach problem.  It's Sunday so the vet is closed.  I'm  having to follow her around and clean up her messes. She's very subdued now.

More later....

Missy seems to be fine now. I have just finished vacuuming the apartment. I mopped both the kitchen and bathroom floors. I still have to dust but I'll do that later.

I had a text from my younger son, Scott.  His girlfriend, Ginger, was able to get off work for a wedding in May after all. Someone traded with her.  They will come on May 21st and be married Saturday, May 23rd.  I am to marry them. Only the family will be invited. Since our church is so pretty, I will suggest we go there for the ceremony.   I will have to ask Judge Cullins to waive the three day waiting period.  I'll take care of that and find out if there's anything else they will need to get the paperwork for the ceremony. In the meantime, I will work on the actual ceremony.  I will ask Ginger if there's anything in particular she'd like.

I cleaned the apartment this morning and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors. The place looks nice now.

Bob came over this morning to read the Sunday Reporter and was careful so we decided to go up to Sirloin Stockade for lunch.  We called Phyllis and invited her and she's going too.

We had another storm alert until 3:00 this afternoon. 

More later....

It warmed up above freezing this afternoon and melted a good bit of the snow. I was able to get to the bank with no trouble at all. Bob came over this evening and we watched 60 Minutes and we had wine and cookies and then when he went home, I took my bath and put my PJs on and watched another program before going to bed at 9:30.

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