Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday and Hairdo Day

I'm going to Independence last this morning to get my hair washed and fixed. And it really needs it!  I really need to find an operator here in Coffeyville. I may not always be able to get to Independence. This morning there is fog.  Maybe it will be gone after the sun comes up.

Plans are jelling for the marriage in May of Scott and Ginger. Scott has offered to pay for airline tickets to bring his children and daughter in law to Coffeyville/Independence for that event. I don't know if they can get free for that or not at this point. Jerod is in the Coast Guard and both women are in school and have jobs too. 

I plan to have a Rotel Chicken Mexican Casserole dish for lunch with a veggie. Bob will bring coleslaw. We may have pudding and cookies for dessert.  While in Independence I need to go to their Wal Mart and get a few ingredients for that dish.

The beans and cornbread we had yesterday did not set well with my stomach. I finally got up about 4:30. I took a couple of Tums but they did not seem to help.  I'm still a bit queasy.

More later....
I gave the rest of the beans and cornbread to Bobby and Karan and they brought me some veggie soup. That worked out well. Their soup was wonderful!

I worked all afternoon but mostly did DVD work and cleaned and repaired some too. I put away some new books.

Later  Bob came over for wine and  cookies and stayed until 7:00.when he went home I took my bath and put my PJs on and sat in the recliner with Missy in my lap.  I couldn't stay awake there though so about 9:00, I just went on to bed.

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