Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday and No Snow Yet

We were forecast for freezing rain and snow yesterday but it never developed. They are forecasting it for today now. The library had planned to close if we had received the freezing rain and snow. If it develops this morning they will call me...otherwise I will be going on to work this afternoon.

I slept very well again last night. It seems to be every other night that I get a good night's sleep.

I heard from my Tennessee friends Ron and Joyce yesterday. I was happy to hear they are both doing wise. They are having problems with their son but that has been a long term problem.

Today we will probably have exercise class too. ...unless the weather worsens.  I am thinking of giving it up. There are a few people who take the opportunity to visit and their visiting precludes their exercises.  My own feeling is if they want to visit, they should get together either before or after exercise class to visit and not disturb our exercise class with it.  I'm not the only one disturbed with it but evidently I'm the only one who is really disturbed with it....enough to stop attending.

I will need to make a run to the store for a few things. When I was making the casserole yesterday morning, I attempted to put some pepper in the dish and the top came off the pepper shaker and almost all the pepper went into the casserole. There was nothing I could do about getting it out so I just washed it all down the garbage disposal.  That's how we ended up eating Bobby and Karan's veggie soup. 

Katie has gone to Kansas City today. I don't know how long she will be gone.....perhaps the rest of the week. Sara will sign my time sheet and get me to sign it and then fax it in to Aime. I get paid tomorrow. My salary is direct deposited.

More later....

The laptop Keith and Esther gave me last year has crashed twice now. I don't know what the problem is. After trying to get it back up again, I finally got it to respond after two or three tries.   I hope it holds up. I have been backing everything up on the desktop computer just in case....

It's snowing now and they have cancelled the exercise class. The snow has begun. I don't know how much we'll get but there is ice under it.

More even later....

The library called and they closed at noon. So I didn't have to go to work this afternoon. I will make up the time lost the next two Saturdays by working two hours each Saturday.  In the meantime, Karan and Bobby called and they had made a pot of chili and wanted to bring us some. I invited them over for the Mexican casserole since I didn't have to go to work and they just left at 1:30. That was nice! We had a good visit too. Tomorrow we will have their chili and I sent a bowl of the Mexican casserole home with them too. We will have the rest of ours on Friday.

I will read this afternoon. I have three books going at the same time. :)

Bob will be back over at 6:30 or 7:00 for Nature on PBS and a new program called My Yearbook in the place of Nova. I don't know what that is but will find out, I guess.

More later....


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Same here....lots of rain, no snow, then some freezing drizzle this morning. Waiting to see if the forecast changes again. First it was 1-3 then 5-8 and now it is lower again
Thank goodness for that! :)

Hope that laptop behaves itself for you ! :)

Betty said...

We've had it all today, rain, sleet then snow, about 6" of the stuff.It's really pretty, since we went to the store yesterday, and stocked up.

Margie's Musings said...

Ours really just fizzled out although there was ice under the snow we did get.