Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Again Thank Goodness

It's Friday again and we're getting rain today and tomorrow.  Sunday, it should be fair.  I have lunch all fixed. It's leftovers from yesterday. We'll have our spaghetti again with the coleslaw and garlic toast.  Bob and I hope to go to Joplin tomorrow after my meeting (if the rain permits) and I want to buy some sheets at T J Maxx.  We will eat at Olive Garden there first before we go shopping.  I went to exercises this morning but my phone rang and I spent the entire time listening to Elnora tell me about her troubles with her niece.  Elnora will meet us at Independence, Missouri, on the 26th to attend the worship service our group of the mission center will hold. It will be good to see her again.

When I came in from Utopia, Missy was in my chair and now is in the one Bob uses.  She gets cat hair in them and we have to use a roller  to clean them up afterward.  After the exercises, a group of us goes to Utopia every other Friday because they make cinnamon rolls that Friday and I order coffee and a cinnamon roll. They are fresh and really good.

I wonder what Katie will have for me to do today. They kept me fairly busy yesterday with on job after another. It helped that Paula wasn't there. She may or may not be there today.

More later...I should start warming up lunch.....

Warmed up lunch was still very good. But we still had some left over which we gave to Bobby and Karan.

I went on to work about 12:45 and spent the afternoon looking for something to do.  I shelf read, put away DVDs, and put away newspapers.  There just wasn't enough for me to do.

There was a drive by shooting toward a house next to the Subway shop on the highway. When I went home from work, I saw tape all around that house.  I understand two are in the hospital. We have a twice weekly newspaper so we have no idea what that was all about.  The paper comes out tomorrow but undoubtedly the deadline was over and they had already gone to press.

Bob will come over tonight for wine and to watch Brooks and Shields on PBS. I need to eat some yogurt before he comes so I'd better wrap this up.

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