Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday and A Basket Dinner

Today, at church, we will have a guest minister and afterward, we will have a basket dinner. It's been several months since we've had a basket dinner. I have a corn casserole and a cherry pie cake in the oven. Now I can sit down and work on this blog/journal. I let Missy out this morning but she was skittery and came right back in. She must have smelled that male cat that came over yesterday morning.

Rand Paul, Republican candidate for president, interviews poorly. For one thing he has changed his position (to be elected the candidate first of all and to be elected president at some point). He used to say he did not see Iran as a threat, that he would give illegal workers who would be willing to work, green cards, and ending foreign aid even to Israel.  Now he has changed his view altogether. He sees Iran as a threat, and would not allow any amnesty for illegals at all.  He would not end foreign aid to Israel. He did this to be conciliatory to the Republican be their candidate for president. He also gets testy when questioned by woman reporters. That's not smart.

I will vote for Hillary.  I have read her books. Also, she is smart and has a lot of political experience  In fact Bill says she is more intelligent then he is. She knows the issues. We know she has better morals then Bill. It is time for a woman president.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush will be Rand Paul's biggest competition.

More later......

The dinner was good. There were not as many there as I had hoped for but those we had enjoyed the services and the dinner afterward.

I have worked this afternoon to put out my weekly newsletter and get it ready for the mail. I send it to those who have e-mail as e-mail and the others I put in the snail mail.

Tonight we go to Bobby and Karan's for the Living the Questions group. I will take my cherry pie cake and vanilla ice cream for the dessert.  

This was a short weekend since I worked yesterday morning.

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